Different Types Of Compression Springs

Posted by Admin on May, 17, 2012

A spring is a coiled device usually made of metal that is able to store mechanical energy. Springs serve a variety of purposes and their application is widespread in households as well as in industries. Springs are a common part of our everyday lives. Some of the common applications of springs are in pens, pogo sticks for kids, in small devices using batteries etc.

Compression Springs
Compression springs are designed so that when they encounter the load, the coils automatically retract because of the pressure. The Compression Spring absorbs the potential energy and releases it back while expanding. One of the simplest applications of the Compression Spring is the pogo stick.

Types Of Compression Springs
Compression Springs Manufacturers offer many different kinds of springs. Some of the commonly used types include – Conical Compression Springs, Barrel Springs, Hour Glass Compression Springs and Variable Pitch Springs.

  • Conical Compression Springs – Are widely used in the automotive industries, in machinery and tools etc. The total load bearing capacity and stress of the spring depends usually on the spacing of the coils. Conical springs are used in applications where features like high tensile strength, lesser vibration, high lateral stability and variable pitch are required.
  • Barrel Springs – These springs are barrel shaped in design to enable efficient performance even under heavy loads. Their structure is so designed so as not to buckle under strain. The variable diameter in the Barrel Compression Spring serves the same purpose as the variable pitch which helps in consecutive coil closing.
  • Variable Pitch Springs – These springs van be easily identified by their design where the level of compression in the spring varies from one end to the other.
  • Hour glass -- These springs are identifiable by their unique hour glass design. The diameter of the spring is wider towards the ends and reduced towards the centre.

Compression Springs Manufacturers produce them in large quantities and offer them in all shapes and sizes depending upon the applications. Their versatile applications make them a commonly used component in industries like automotive, electronics and many others.

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