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Posted by Admin on July, 21, 2012

Just like any other Industrial Fastener, Retaining Ring is also designed to tightly hold the parts and components in a device. In appearance, a Retaining Ring is a washer-shaped round fastener which can easily be compressed or stretched by using slight force. Generally, the Retaining Ring is mounted in recessed slot and firmly connects the parts together. Though small in size, yet Retaining Ring has crucial role as a fastener. Depending upon the type of application, a Retaining Ring of different size as well as type can be used. There are many Retaining Ring Snap Manufacturers in India. One can contact any of them to Buy Retaining Ring of required size or type.

Retaining Ring Specifications:
As mentioned earlier, Retaining Ring is required for a number of fastening applications. Depending upon these applications, Retaining Rings can be availed in different specifications. In general, the Retaining Rings are categorized on the basis of their housing dimensions, thickness and most importantly, the shaft diameter. The housing dimensions determine external retaining ring properties whereas the shaft diameter specifies internal retaining ring properties. In fastening applications where strength is of paramount significance, the Retaining Rings made of stainless steel have to be used. Retaining Rings made of stainless steel are also important for the fastening applications where resistance from corrosion is important. Besides, Retaining Rings made of copper alloys are significant for the fastening applications where electrical conductivity plays a major role. Some of the standard Retaining Rings are:

Retaining Ring Types
Spiral: Spiral Retainer Rings have manifold cross-sections that are coiled together. The Spiral Retainer Rings can be coiled into a groove as well. With Spiral Retainer Rings, high degree of flexibility can be ensured.

Grooveless: Grooveless Retainer Rings can be easily pressed around a shaft, stud, etc. These particular types of Retaining Rings are especially designed to have a low profile so that the space requirements can be reduced to a great extent.

Beveled: These types of Retaining Rings are angled at a particular point which usually corresponds within an inner housing to the grooves. When the Beveled Retaining Rings are mounted, the balancing ends lock into place and thus ensure strong and firm connection.

Circlip: This type of Retaining Ring is the most commonly used one in several industries. Circlip Retaining Rings can be retorted onto a shaft. Likewise, these Retaining Rings can also be inserted into a groove. They facilitate the axial rotation of a component while hindering lateral movement.

Industrial Retaining Rings can be availed in various other specifications depending upon the nature of application. However, one has to ensure that only the precision-engineered, cost-effective ones are availed, that too from the genuine Retaining Ring Manufacturers in India.

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