What Are Compression Springs Used For?

Posted by Admin on May, 17, 2012

Springs are one of the smallest yet the most used apparatus in the daily lives of human beings. From the working of a pen, the running of home appliances to the vehicles and automobiles, these springs find usage in all of them. Known for their shock absorption feature, these springs find wide applications in various industries. The various types of springs are Torsion spring, Coil spring, Leaf spring, Compression Springs, Expansion Springs and many more.

What Are Compression Springs?
Compression Springs are the coiled wires used for shock absorption, expansion and contraction. These Compression Springs are made using high grade stainless steel to give them various features like high flexibility, durability, tensile strength and many more.

How Do Compression Springs Work?
The working of Compression Springs, just like other springs, depends on the Hooke’s Law and these get shorter on application of force. The Compression Springs absorbs the potential energy with the help of the compression of coils. These Compression Springs work almost like extension springs. The compression and expansion of these Compression Springs allows the absorption of shock and bears the load. The coils that form the springs absorb high quantity of shock & stress and keep the two objects attracted to them away.

Uses Of Compression Springs:
The Compression Springs find wide usage in various industries and in household purposes. From the kid’s pogo stick to laying home foundation, the Compression Springs have wide usage. These Compression Springs find usage in the electrical switches and home appliances. The Compression Springs are used widely in mattresses to absorb weight and give comfort. The major usage of Compression Springs is seen in the vehicles as they act as shock absorber and give support to the vehicles in uneven roads.

These Heavy Duty Compression Springs are used in the construction of houses as they are known to absorb the shock produced during earth quakes. The Compression Springs are also used in the making of switches by aerospace industry. These Compression Springs also help in control of fluid and sir supply.

A few Compression Springs Manufacturers also provide the option of customization of these springs. The Customized Compression Springs are more useful as they fit into the specific requirement of the user.

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